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Fine Tuned Auto’s was born out of a love for performance and modifications. It’s not about speeding or breaking the law but about investing in something you enjoy and knowing your car can perform. We love creating something unique for our customer’s that makes jaws drop. We work on street vehicles, as well as track cars and fully fledged race cars.

Our expert knowledge and experience can help you build a unique vehicle that will make heads turn and jaws drop.

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Looking for a turbo upgrade? Fine Tuned Auto’s can provide you with honest, expert advice on the best turbo upgrade or add on for your car. We can help you to understand why a particular brand or model is best for your car and will let you know if you will need to upgrade other components to help you get the best results.

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Coilovers are one of our favourite mods. The reduction in body roll and awesome look are great bang for your buck. We can provide advice on coilover options in the budget, medium or exclusive price ranges to ensure you are confident in your choice.


Brake upgrades are an important early step in any modification process. With any increase in power you also need to ensure you can stop! We can install quality brake upgrades and provide you with our trademark honest, expert advice so you can feel safe in your choice.

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Exhaust upgrades are plenty of fun. Fine Tuned Autos can organise and install a range of exhaust solutions, from off the shelf after market options to fully customised exhausts we can help. Exhaust upgrades can produce some epic results in terms of sound to make your car really stand out from the crowd.

Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning can produce some great results with the right knowledge. Dyno tuning is available to satisfy your needs. Whether it’s a reliable tune or a powerful tune we can advise you on what is the best way to tune your car. With the right mods and set up, anything is achievable.

Blow off valves

Oh the mighty blow off valve, this is a great fun little mod which is particularly popular with our WRX, STI and EVO drivers. With plenty of options on the market, we can help you to decide on the sound and standard of blow off valve that best suits your car and budget.

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With hundreds of top mount and front mount intercoolers on the market it can be hard to know which best suits your car and the way you drive. We love intercoolers because more air= more boost. With Fine Tuned Autos honest, expert advice we can help you choose and install the perfect intercooler for your car and budget.

Cold Air Intake

Cold air intakes have become increasingly popular over the last 15 years with the rise Japanese and Asian brands. For many Subaru and EVO drivers, a cold air intake is a great mod to increase the amount of fresh, cool air entering your engine. We can help you to choose,  and get a great price on a cold air intake as well as providing install services that you can trust.


Gauges are a fun way to showcase the potential and monitor the performance of your car. We can install single or multiple gauges and advise you on the best gauges for your car and driving style.

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Clutch upgrades

Clutches… they can be the weak point on modified car or with the right advice and installation can provide years of fun and performance. A clutch upgrade is a great place to start on many modification paths (particular with Subaru’s). With Fine Tuned Autos years of experience we can

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Studs & Bolts

Studs and bolts are a great way to increase strength within the engine. Quality bolts and studs have a superior fatigue cycle and provide impressive tensile strength and toughness, while resisting atmospheric corrosion and oxidation. Adding studs and bolts during a rebuild can help provide the strength needed to deal with increases in power. This is a cost effective mod regardless of the power increase.

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Full rebuilds

Full engine rebuilds are also a specialty of the Fine Tuned Autos team. Whether you are rebuilding due to wear and tear or you want additional strength to hold strong with your mods Fine Tuned Autos can provide the perfect advice and service to help you achieve your goals.

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Package Deals

We know a lot of places provide standard modification packages for various models. At Fine Tuned Autos we are all about the unique, and we want to create a package that suits you and your car rather than everybody under the sun. Give us a call today and we will create a package quote just for you!

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